‘The New Adventures of MR PoKES’

Hello internet.  Welcome to my blog.

I’ll be posting various things here.  Most of the things will be connected to comics; my own writing for them, my writing about them or my writing-about-writing for them.  I’ll also make  mention of any exciting projects involving friends of mine that I hear of and deserve attention.  I’m still getting used to this blogging malarkey, but soon will also be festooning this page with links galore to wondrous internet treats for your eyeballs.

But first, let us start with a little story…

A few weeks back I was presented with an opportunity.  It was one of those ‘once-in-a-blue-moon’ sort of things that required a little more thought than my usual decisions (i.e. ‘More coffee? Y/N’) .  After exchanging a few emails with good pals and consulting with my wonderful wife I took the plunge, committing myself to investing time, energy and money into a big project.

As is custom in our modern age, once I had made my decision I immediately announced my feelings regards the situation on Twitter.  Amongst the responders to my little tweet was Mr Iain Laurie.  A phenomenally talented artist, Iain is responsible for the nightmare-inducing ‘Horror Mountain’ and ‘All The Dead Superheroes’.  His mind-bending illustrations also grace both Mothwicke, written with Mr Fraser Campbell, and Roachwell with Mr Craig Collins,  two deliciously grotesque blogs I highly recommend you all visit.

Little did I know back then that Mr Laurie’s response would haunt me till this day; The following image shows the original twitter exchange that birthed a fiend…

The birth of Mr PoKESAlong with this sinister message came attached an image.   It was of a spur of the moment creation from the recesses of Mr Laurie’s brain; a foul creature called Mr PoKEs.

Over the following weeks this hideous thing kept coming back to me, plaguing me with questions.  Who was Mr PoKEs?  Was he friendly despite his appearance, like John Merrick?  Or nasty like Freddy Krueger?  And what did he do all day alone in my skull?

Eventually I could take no more.  Taking up my pen I found the only way to expel this disgusting creature from my mind was to contain him in verse.  The following poem is inspired by the creature…

The New Adventures of MR PoKES

…and Mr Laurie has kindly re-drawn the monster in question so it could be posted alongside  my humble scribbling.

From the mind of Iain Laurie!

Now that I have finally managed to banish this fell beast from my troubled mind I pray that he doesn’t take up residence inside all of your heads…

A very big thank you to Iain for the inspiration and illustration, and make sure to take a look at and purchase his wonderful work on Horror MountainAll The Dead Superheroes & Mothwicke.

Till next time laddies and gentlegirls!


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