Let’s get this party (kick)started!

Hello interpeople.  Me again.

Today my first comic review for Geek Chocolate has gone live.  It is of a book called… er… well, ‘The Book’; a new original graphic novel from Arcana Comics.  As well as comics, the site covers a wide range of different subjects.  Recent features include reviews and interviews from the worlds of literature and cinema, and articles looking at upcoming events,such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012.  Both the gang at GC and I would be well chuffed if you’d have a peruse the wonderful content on the site.

I also wanted to make mention of a couple of comic projects on Kickstarter I’ve been supporting, and I think deserve attention for different reasons.

The first is one is for a hardback anthology of stories about the Oxymoron, a contradiction-obsessed villain from the pages of independent comic ‘The Red Ten’.  Run by Tyler James and the team at Comix Tribe, an excellent comics resource site of which Tyler is a co-founder, this campaign has been promoted and managed in an exemplary fashion.  As I type has exceeded both its original target of $8,500 and a stretch goal of $20,000, and has seen some absolutely top quality rewards offered to backers.  At various funding milestones the book has moved from its original form to an oversized hardcover, to adding a selection of cover designs to increasing in size by 12 pages.  It fully deserves it success, and if you wished to jump on board and grab some of the exclusive rewards you better be quick; it wraps on Saturday 11 August , 4:59am BST.

The reason I was aware of this project was via my good friend, fellow Glasgow League of Writers member and talented comics writer John Lees, who has written one of the stories contained within the book.  John’s excellent comic ‘The Standard’ is published by Comix Tribe and the first three issues of this six-part superhero tale feature as a digital reward to all backers of the Oxymoron campaign, which is as good a reason as any to get involved even at this late stage.   Even if you miss the boat there I’d urge you to take a look at John’s work, as it is as good as anything coming out of the ‘Big Two’ right now, a statement I absolutely stand by.  Tyler James has said ‘The Standard’ is the best superhero comic he’s read this year bar none, and I cannot disagree with that.

The other Kickstarter project I am pledging to is ‘The Mighty Titan’.  Described as a “5 Issue Miniseries that wraps Joe Martino’s (the creator) cancer in a superhero shell” it works from the premise that the alter-ego of the world’s greatest superhero, invulnerable to all violence, has been diagnosed with cancer.  I discovered this project via twitter, but it was the depth and scope within this concept for the exploration of the human condition that fascinates me.  Having drawn on his own struggles with kidney cancer and the experiences of others sufferers to inform his writing, Joe has also put together a talented team for the book, and got input from big industry figures such as Phil Jimenez (‘New X-Men’, ‘The Invisibles’) for the project.  With 6 days to go at this point (it ends at Wednesday 15 August, 12:39am BST) ‘The Mighty Titan’ is less than £1,000 from it’s target, and I’d recommend checking it out.  Amongst the rewards available is the full digital set of 5 issues for $10, so you really are getting good bang for your ‘buck’, as well as being involved in helping get off the ground what should be a very interesting comic project.

Well, that is about it for me just now.  Oh, wait; I forgot something…  I found something out today; my kitten Bruce Wayne (real name) is smaller than ‘The Death Ray’ by Daniel Clowes.  Who knew?

Bruce & The Death RaySee you next time laddies and gentlegirls.


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