Just a quick one…

Hey there intergirls and worldwidewebboys.

Just a short update today, mainly to alert everyone to a couple of things I’ve been up to that you might want to check out.

First off; a little while back my good friends Colin Bell and Neil Slorance, the creators of the fantastic Jonbot vs. Martha asked if I fancied writing a comic for their month of guest strips, a chance I of course jumped at.  Today my collaboration with the phenomenally talented Xander Myles has gone up, so please do pop across and have a peek then tell me what you think!  I feel very lucky to have had the chance both to be involved with Jonbot and to work with Xander, who I am certain everyone will be seeing more of in the future.  It’s the first comic work that I’ve been involved in but I promise it won’t be the last, so keep watching this space.

I’ve also got another review up at the lovely Geek Chocolate, this time covering the first three issues of Sean Murphy’s ‘Punk Rock Jesus’.  If you’ve not got on board with this excellent series yet have a glance at my thoughts and see if it might be for you.  And if you have I’d love to hear all your opinions on it.

Well, that is it for now, but I’ll be back very soon.  Until then, have fun and keep safe everyone.

Laters laddies and gentlegirls.


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Writer, primarily for comics ('Find' & 'Exit Generation' with ComixTribe). I blog about comics; my own, other peoples & all others in-between. Come say hello! View all posts by samuelread

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