Submissions, both future and past…

Hey again everyone.

Having left it a loooooong time between updates before last week’s I’m now planning on being a lot more frequent for the foreseeable future.

So, what’s been going down this week?

Grayhaven Presents

When talking about my involvement in the Grayhaven Comics’ Writer Apprentice last update I mentioned in passing that I had a short story appearing in one of their publications.  Well, finally the anthology I’m going to be featured in has been announced.  It is titled ‘Grayhaven Presents Sci-Fi/Horror’ and features a range of stories touching on this crossover of genres.  You can take a look at the cover art and list of stories HERE.

My short is titled ‘The Answer to Question M‘ and the art comes from the outrageously talented Garry Mac, who as well as being a brilliant artist and excellent human also manages to somehow find time to be the top man at Unthank Comics, a Glasgow-based publisher.  You can check out Garry’s work HERE and follow him on twitter at @garrymacl and highly recommend you do so, as he has got an excellent project coming soon in the shape of ‘Gonzo Cosmic’, a comic you truly will not want to miss.  I’ll definitely be talking more about that nearer its release.

And while we’re on the subject…

I first got involved with Grayahaven during one of their previous submission periods, where they allow writers to pitch for space in their anthologies, regardless of previous experience or portfolio.  This led to my first experience of working with an editor, and taught me a great deal of different tips and skills I still utilise today.  I mention this as Grayhaven have just opened for submissions again, with over five different volumes looking for stories.  You can take a glance yourself right HERE, and I strongly urge anyone with even a mild interest in writing for comics to have a go.  I did so when I had literally no experience, so there really is nothing stopping anyone chancing their arm.  Good luck to all who submit!

Reviews and Articles 

Finally… I’ve added a new page to my blog where you can find links to all those articles I’ve written for other sites.  You can find this via the main page or visit it HERE.  Most are reviews of comics/graphic novels or interviews with creators, and currently all are hosted on the excellent Geek Chocolate.  I hope to keep managing to squeeze in reviews, interviews and maybe some other stuff between my own writing, but also please do check out what is there already.  I hope you find some of the articles interesting, and do tell me what you think; always happy for feedback!

Well, that’s me done for now, but will be back soon.

Till next time ladies, gents and household pets!



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