Two Weeks & Counting…

Yes, it’s that time of year again!  The evenings are drawing in, the temperature is dropping fast, & there is a certain magic in the air… Why?

Because it’s nearly Thought Bubble once more!

That’s right, the UK’s premier (in my opinion, at least) Comic Convention is taking place on the weekend of Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th November at the Royal Armouries in Leeds.

A never-less than fantastic event, this year it boasts guests such as industry giants Matt Fraction, Becky CloonanBrandon Graham & Sean Gordon Murphy, to name but only a very small number of the masses of professional comic artists & writers who’ll be in attendance.

Due to such a MASSIVE demand for exhibitor tables, this year Thought Bubble is spread across not one, not two but THREE huge halls, making it easily its biggest year.

Launching Soon…

This year I’m extra excited, as for the first time at any comic event I’m heading down as a exhibitor rather than a attendee.

Having spent the last several months working with an insanely talented group of individuals, finally the first issue of ‘Exit Generation’ is away to the printers, in order to be ready for the convention.

I’ve set up a permanent preview for the book, which includes the first four pages, here on the blog, which you can see by clicking on the image below.


Please pop on over, take a look & tell me what you think.  Over the Thought Bubble weekend I’ll be at Table 2, Royal Armouries Hall & I hope that if you’re reading this you’ll head over and say hi.

If you;re not already acquainted with the amazing team who’ve worked on ‘Exit Generation’, you really should be.  Caio, Ruth, Ramon , Colin & Adam have hit home runs here, & I’m forever grateful for the hard work (& tolerance of all my nonsense) they’ve put in.  I cannot thank each of them enough.

Shiny New Things

I’ve also very lucky to be sharing a table with several other brilliant guys at Thought Bubble, & I am also very fortunate to be able to present brief previews of two of the new books that they’ll be launching at the event.

First is Colin Bell, who as well as being top dog at Dogooder Comics, is a brilliant writer.  At Thought Bubble Colin, along with long-time collaborator Neil Slorance, will be launching new book ‘Dungeon Fun‘.


Following the adventures of young, orphan girl, destined to fulfil an ancient (or… not really that ancient) prophesy, ‘Dungeon Fun; is an action-packed, gag-filled thrill ride through the glamorous world of moats & caves, featuring terrifying monsters, heroic knights & jobs-worth goblins.



Having had the good fortune to have read the full book already, I can tell you it is fantastic fun, & expect it to make a splash at Thought Bubble.

Both Colin will have copies on our table, while Neil is exhibiting over at Table 69, New Dock Hall, where he’ll also have his own books such as ‘Nine Lines of Metro’ and the Scottish Independent Comic Book Award nominated ‘The Amateur Astronomer’s Journal’.  You can find these & many more of Neil’s books & works of art over at his site,


If you like what you seen here of Messrs Slorance and Bell’s collaboration, & can’t quite wait until ‘Dungeon Fun’ arrives, you can see where the magic first began in the sadly-now defunct webcomic ‘Jonbot Versus Martha‘, as well as seeing Colin’s writing on the weekly ‘Detective Space Cat‘.  Both comics are awesome & absolutely worth a look.

The second book I’m delighted to be able to give a little sneak peek to here, & also to be sharing a table with at Thought Bubble is the magnificent ‘Master Tape’, written by Harry French, drawn by Amaru Ortiz Martinez, coloured by Lesley Atlansky, lettered and produced by Colin Bell (that man again…) and a beautiful cover by Coll Hamilton.


Centred around Leo O’Brien, the last A & R man left on Earth, ‘Master Tape‘ take us on journey into a future where youth culture is defined more by mankind’s ability to traverse the stars than it is by hot new records. What is left of music fandom has become literally tribal, making Leo’s job not just a lonely one, but dangerous to boot.


While dodging a roving horde of pissed off zealots, Leo & his trusty (unpaid) intern makes a startling discovery that could change not only their own fate, or just that of the music industry, but the destiny of the entire universe.


Managing to be both cerebral & a totally crazy romp all in one comic, ‘Master Tape‘ is one of the most startlingly fresh début books I’ve personally seen recently, from self-publishing all the way up to the ‘big leagues’.  Anyone who claims to hold any interest in the more off-beat fare currently out there should be looking to get their paws on this book.


Like both ‘Dungeon Fun‘ & ‘Exit Generation‘, ‘Master Tape‘ will be on sale at Table 2 Royal Armouries Hall during the Thought Bubble weekend.

After that you’ll be able to get hold of a physical via a site both Harry & myself will be sharing to distribute our self-published books, the appropriately named ‘Read French Comics‘.  Currently, digital versions of both our titles are available to purchase, & we both hope you head over to take a look.

The Doctor Will See You Now…

This having been a pretty packed out blog update already, I hope I can keep your attention for one last thing…

Caio Olivera, artist supreme on ‘Exit Generation‘, is also the creator of the fantastic webcomic ‘Super-Ego‘ hosted by the brilliant free comic site Sequentialink (yes, you heard right; free comics, and loads of them).

Super-Ego‘ is about Dr. Eugene Goodman, therapist to the stars.  But these are no ordinary stars… they are the superheroes, who once they’ve stopped a meteorite from blowing up the Earth, or saved the President from a satellite-mounted death-ray, sometimes just need someone to talk to.


Currently, Caio and the guys at Nerobellum Productions are running a kickstarter for Super-Ego, which as I type has just stepped over the ‘fully-funded’ threshold with a good third of it’s run time remaining; congratulations guys!  It has picked up a bunch of great press, & as a long-time reader of the web-based version, I cannot wait to get my hands on a physical book (yup, money where my mouth is; I’m a backer).


There are some cracking rewards, starting right down at $15 level, & superb stretch goals too, involving artists such as Jeff Stokely (‘Six-gun Gorilla’), Edgar Delgado (Spider-man) & many more, so head on over to the kickstarter page & snag yourself some tasty goodies!

Here’s a giant cactus monster getting drop-kicked in the face as an incentive.


So, I’m off to try and contain my excitement until Thought Bubble, a task at which I KNOW I will fail!

Till next time, take care!



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