Happy 2014 everyone!

Yes, I know, I know; I pretty much missed the boat on that score….  But with such a busy January, & things shaping up to make the upcoming year even busier, I figure you’ll perhaps forgive my tardiness.

Anyway, much to report, so hold on to your hats…

The Social Network

One of those things that has occupied my time this month has been the setting up of a Facebook ‘Like’ page for the comic projects of both Harry French & myself.

Rather than use the possibly francophile-confusing moniker Read French Comics previously seen here, we’ve acronym-ised matters into the simpler RF Comics.  You’ll find our page HERE, & we’d both be well chuffed if you’d pop over & say hello.  We will be using the page to post news, previews & anything else relating to our various projects, including Master Tape, Exit Generation & upcoming books, such as Harry’s exciting collaboration with my good friend Garry Mac Freak Out Squares.

In fact, Garry just launched the first issue of his mind-mindbogglingly ace series Gonzo Cosmic, which I recently reviewed over at Geek Chocolate, which you can read HERE.  I strongly urge you to pop over & pick up a copy, as it is one of the best indie book I’ve seen.  Ever.  Period.  You’ll find a preview HERE & can pick it up HERE.


Offer Image

In celebration of both the foundation of our Facebook page, & in the spirit of ‘January Sales’, we have also put together a little special offer over at our store, just until the end of the month.

You can now pick up a special bundle of the digital copies of both first issues of Exit Generation & Master Tape for the princely sum of just £1 ($1.65 for our American cousins).  That’s right; you too can check out what I’m always fussing about on here, & get started with Harry’s absolutely cracking book too for less than a cup of (good) coffee!  Find the offer HERE.

Being that you’ve reading this, you may have already been so kind as to pick up our books, but if you had any friends, particularly-hip family or even not-that-bad enemies who you think might be interested, tell them to pop on over & check it out.  Remember; you can see a preview of Exit Generation HERE, if you need some persuading.  The offer will only last until 31 January, so if you were interested, don’t delay!

If digital isn’t your thing, you can of course pick up physical copies from the online store, but if you’d wanted to save postage & were in the West Yorkshire area, OK Comics of Leeds has both Exit Generation #1 & Master Tape #1 on the shelves now.  Both have been getting a lot of attention & selling well, so make haste lest you meet abject disappointment!

Nice People Saying Nice Things

Since I last posted Exit Generation #1 has been lucky to have some lovely things said about it across internetland.  Check it out;

– Sara Westrop over at Geek Syndicate called  it “a brilliant opener” & also said a bunch of other really nice things about the book.  You can see the full review HERE & follow Sara, who is a comic writer & editor herself, on Twitter HERE.

– Kevin Beckham of the gloriously named Comics Bastards said the series is “off to a good start and is worth checking out“, awarding it 3 stars out of 5.  If you can’t take the word of a bastard, who can you believe?  Read the full review HERE & go say “Hi” to Kevin over at his Twitter HERE.

Indie Comic Review‘s Scott Gladstein heralded the book as “stellar work“, gave it 7.25 out of ten, & subsequently placed Exit Generation #1 in second place in his Top 5 indie books of 2013.  WOW!  You’ll find the review HERE, the run-down of 2013’s best indie titles HERE, & you can interact with Scott on Google+ HERE.

– Steve Hargett reviewed Exit Generation #1 on his blog, kindly saying that it was a “very interesting start” to the series.  You can read the full review HERE & find Steve over on Twitter HERE.

– Finally, Alasdair Stuart at Bleeding Cool said that Exit Generation is “a massively ambitious undertaking and more importantly, a completely successful one” which frank;y, blew me away!  Alasdair also compared it to Pacific Rim, which as that was one of my favourite movies of 2013, I’m utterly delighted with!  See more of Mr Stuart’s review HERE & make sure to follow him on Twitter HERE.

My, so many awesome folk saying so many nice things!  Really I cannot express quite how humbling many of the things said were, & they’ve give me & the rest of the team a massive boost as we kick off getting the next three issues ready for your delectation.  & if there were any other reviewers out there looking to post about Exit Generation, drop me a line.

Batten Down The Hatches; Protocol Is In Full Effect…

It might be hard to believe after all the cool press above, but something ELSE quite exciting happened this January as well!

Spectacularly talented Irish artist Robert Carey launched his new Siege Protocol webcomic at the back-end of 2013, & earlier this month I was given the opportunity to jump on for a guest page, the second of the series.

You can find my page HERE & marvel at how Robert’s beautiful art makes my scripting look ten times better than it actually is!  But seriously, Robert is a supremely talented fella, & I strongly urge you go take a look at all of Siege Protocol, ‘Like’ his Facebook page HERE & follow him on Twitter HERE.  He is constantly posting stunning sketches & work-in-progress, so absolutely check it out.

Runnin’ With The Big Dogs…

Lastly for this update I wanted to alert everyone one to some exciting developments for my creative collaborators on ‘Exit Generation’.

A few weeks back Ruth Redmond, the superbrilliant colourist who’s skills I am very lucky to have gracing the pages of my humble little book, saw her first work for legendary publisher Marvel Comics hit the shelves, in the shape of the Marvel UK event book Dark Angel: Revolutionary War.  As you can imagine, she absolutely knocked it out of the park, & I was so delighted to see one of the nicest people I’ve ever met (not just in comics) getting the chance to shine on a big stage.

Ruth’s first series at BOOM! Studios, the fantastic Imagine Agents, also wrapped up this month, & after enjoying it in single issues you can bet I’ll be making a lot of noise when the trade collection hits!

Also now a Marvel-ite (is that what you call them?) is our cover artist extraordinaire (& also interior artist extraordinaire, for the record) Ramon Villalobos, who’ll be providing interior art for one of Marvel‘s Age of Ultron: What If? tales, hitting stores this April.  Having been lucky enough to see Ramon’s work on other projects such as Lp, the comic world is going to be totally blown away by what he can conjure up, I know it, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that (don’t worry, I’ll remind you…).

& it isn’t just Ruth & Ramon who’ve got things going on with publishers… the mighty Caio Oliveira has announced that several of his graphic novels will be appearing via new imprint Magnetic Press, that has recently been founded by former ArchaiaBOOM! Studio publishers.

Being an avid reader of several of the forthcoming titles since their débuts over on Sequentialink, I know first-hand that the world is in for a treat when Caio unleashes these book on the world.  They include his recent & wildly-successfully Kickstarted project Super Ego, a particular favourite of mine, so watch out for all his exciting news on his Facebook page HERE.

Another comic everyone should be watching out for in 2013 is my friend, mentor & Exit Generation editor Adam P. Knave‘s Dong Patrol.  Yes, you heard right; Dong Patrol.

A collaboration with artist Chris Peterson, so far this enigmatic new project is shrouded in mystery, though you can check out the first character designs on their website HERE.  For more information, or to find out about all the other great projects, like Amelia Cole, Grindhouse & many more.

Well, I think I’ve chewed your ear for long enough, & though I might sometimes take a bit of time between updates (Okay; a lot of time), at least you can’t accuse me of scrimping on content!

Take care of yourselves, & come back soon!



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