Oi Oi!

Just a rapid post to say that myself & the lovely Colin Bell, of ‘Dungeon Fun’ fame, will be exhibiting at London Super Comic Convention this weekend.

If you aren’t 100% sure what we look like, I’ve included this handy picture of us both during our last visit to the capital ‘On Business’;

Comic's Flying Squad in full effect.

The Comics Flying Squad in full effect.

We’ll be hanging out at table A30 in artist’s alley, for which Colin has made the handy & subtle map for handy reference;

Subtle, I'm sure you'll agree.

Subtle, I’m sure you’ll agree.

If you’re not familiar with Colin’s rad book ‘Dungeon Fun’ SORT IT OUT, GUV & click through on this hand link to a preview HERE.

& if you are also  not aware of my own offering ‘Exit Generation’ you can check that out also HERE.

Both books will be on sale at A30 all weekend!

Also attending are many of our excellent comics pals, including Mr Owen Johnson, true gent & master scribe, who’ll be signing at Orbital Comic‘s booth (9) this weekend, so go race over & pick up his ‘Raygun Roads‘ while you still can (I mean it; run).

Plus, the mighty Art Heroes of the North East, Daniel Clifford & Lee Robinson will be in attendance at artist alley table A8, & both being lovely chaps you’d be fools not to take a close look at their wares.  FOOLS!

That me done, & I’ve a train to catch to The Big Smoke, so take it easy & hope to see you all there!


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