Free Stuff or: How You Can Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Comics

Twas the night before Free Comic Book Day, when all across the world, not a creature was stirring,  because they were all tucked up in bed, ready to get up mega early for…


Yes!  Tomorrow, Saturday 3 May, 2014 it is once again that most magical time of year, when your friendly local comic book shop hands out tonnes & tonnes of comics, totally gratis!

As a comic retail worker, believe me when I say I absolutely LOVE Free Comic Book Day, despite what some might expect.

Yes, it is busy  & yes, it can be a wee bit stressful.  But the big aim of the whole event is to do two of my favourite things about comic retail; introduce new readers to the medium & broadening the horizons of current readers by exposing them to books they might not usually think to take a chance on.  So, for me it is totally aces.

If you’re not familiar with Free Comic Book Day, head on over to the official site HERE to see what all the fuss is about, & use the handy store locator to find your nearest participating shop, & then get on down!

I’ll be at my magnificent employer OK Comics where we’ll have literally thousands of comics to give away, along with a flat-out-bonkers back issue sale, as well as other fun stuff.  It tends to get a little craycray queue-wise, so make sure you head down early to avoid disappointment, as the later you leave it, the less likely you are to get a shot at free comics.

If you don’t think I’m being deadly serious about getting down early, check out the pre-opening queue at OK Comics from last year…

Told you: CrayCray

Told you: craycray

I guess it is worth adding that we’ll have copies of ‘Exit Generation’ #1 for sale, & will be on hand to happily sign any that people either bring with them or pick up on the day.  You’ll also likely get an extra-special-limited-time-only high-five to go with any ‘Exit Generation’ you buy tomorrow as one off Free Comic Book Day bonus, so get to it!

There might just also be some news of free digital comics from Harry French & myself over at RF Comics’ Facebook, so pop over, give it a like, & you might get a nice surprise tomorrow…

Anyways, I best be getting some shut-eye, as come the morning, it’ll be time to sling some books!

Take care,




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