Back Yourself – A Study in Gambling, Hope, Diligence, and Luck

Reblogged from the site of the excellent Ryan K Lindsay; sage advice from someone who knows their onions.

Without Fear

In every journey there is an event horizon where it might just be easier to scarper back home and forget the horizon whose milky skies you thought you were chasing. This is true in relationships, in careers, in actual travel, and most definitely while breaking into comics.

For some, crossing that threshold of doubt and worry is all about backing yourself. For others, it’s about having someone back you through it, but I think for most it is fundamentally about backing yourself first to really get into the game seriously. In any creative endeavour, if you can’t back yourself, you’re screwed. The mental gremlins of doubt and fear will shred your abilities in seconds.

The act of backing yourself sometimes means finally finishing a script, or posting a story online, or paying that rad artist to complete the mini and making it a real thing at cons/ComiXology Submit/your LCS/Kickstarter. People…

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