Wednesday Calling…

Yo, peoples of the internet!

Tomorrow marks the first ‘New Comic Book Day’ of July 2014, meaning we’ve already had six months of awesome books hitting the shelves this year.  However, this Wednesday is a little bit special…


Because it is the first Wednesday where you can pick up a copy of Exit Generation #2 (well, first in a shop; work with me here, folks…)!

Yes, tomorrow if you are in beautiful, sunny Leeds, UK (please note: sunshine not guaranteed) head on over to the twice-(& currently) Eisner nominated OK Comics & you can find copies of bothExit Generation #1 & #2, sandwiched between the brand-new (& fantastic looking) Rocket Racoon #1 & Legendary Star-Lord #1’s.

"A Racoon to the left of me, a Star-Lord to the right, here I am..." (sorry)

“Star-Lord to the left of me, a Racoon to the right, here I am…” (sorry, I’m so sorry)

Basically, if y’hankering for some sci-fi, you’ve got all your bases covered at OK Comics!

& if you can make it in, you can always get one via mail order, or snap up a digital copy, if Leeds is a little too far away.

Plus, if you are out for some new books, make sure to check out the new Robocop comic from BOOM Studios too.

Exit Generation’s very own Marissa Louise is on colouring duties there, while Joshua Williamson & Carlos Magno handle the writing & art respectively.  It’s a mad-fun read, so go get involved.  #DeadOrAliveYoureComingWithMe 

Either way; HAPPY COMIC DAY! 


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