What’s the word?

So, Exit Generation #2 has been ‘on the streets’ a couple of weeks now, & some really kind folks have done the team & I the honour of casting their critical eyes over it.

"What they sayin' about us, Mo?"

“What they sayin’ about us, Jack?”

Below I’ve collected together links to all the sites & folk who were good enough to give Exit Generation #2 a review;

Michelle White over on Multiversity said the series is; “shaping up to be a remarkable romp, thoughtful without being preachy, fun without being overly light-hearted.”  Thanks, Michelle!

CeeJ at the Big Comic Page says that Exit Generation #2 is; ” Highly, highly recommended.”  Wow!  Thanks loads!

G-Man wrote on Comic Anonymous“I’m screaming at Sam in my head to get issue 3 out ASAP.” Ok, Gary; I’ll see what we can do!

– JCDoyle reviewed both #1 & #2 for the folks at Need To Consume, and said Exit Generation; “showcases some exciting talent that’s worth keeping an eye on”, which is proper nice of him!

James at Panel Patter also took a look at both issues #1 & #2, saying; “If you’re interested in an entertaining and good-natured (as well as good looking) science fiction series, Exit Generation is worth seeking out.”  Fantastically kind, James; I’m blushing!

Andy with Backseat Mafia did a lovely overview of the series so far, stating; “Exit Generation is deceptively simple in its premise, the ingenuity of subverting a common trope is a real “how has nobody done this before?” type of deal.”  So kind!

Such nice stuff said about our little book; thanks so much to everyone above.

& if you wanted to take a look at what they’re all talking about, you can pick both books up yourself at OK Comics, either in store or via mail order, or you can grab copies, both physical & digital, over at the RF Comics webstore.

Keep popping by for news on Exit Generation #3, or if you’re on Facebook, like the RF Comics page, where you’ll find info on all the new books by Harry French & I.

On the subject of Mr Harry French; the talented gent has started up his own blog, & his first post is a fantastic piece about some ‘what might have been’ projects, accompanied by some classy art.  Make sure you take a look.

Till next time, internet!


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