It’s… All… Happening…

Hey gang; long time no see! But while I’ve been away from here, nothing (literally nothing) has slowed down on the comics front, believe you me. Four bit of news things to update you all about, but let’s start with next weekend’s BIG event… DICE!  DICE!  DICE! DICE_Logo Yes!  It’s that time again! In only a week, my regular comic-flogging accomplice Harry French & I will be over in the lovely city of Dublin in Ireland to attend that most brilliant of comic cons; Dublin International Comic Expo!

Check out the list of guests; it’s awesome! Really excited about making the journey over, & this time as an exhibitor (we’re under RF Comics, yo).  Looking forward to introducing Exit Generation (click to see a preview) to a whole new country… or at least those who’ve not grabbed the first couple of issues at Big Bang already (I’ll have issues #1, #2 & #3 for sale at DICE)! Hope to see you all there; it’s gonna be epic.

Rose for my Rose (City Comic Con)

Ok, next piece of top news is that this very weekend (20/21 September) both the wonderful Marissa Louise, our brilliant colourist on Exit Generation, & editor extraordinaire Adam P. Knave will be in attendance at Rose City Comic Con in Portland, Oregon.  Marissa will be at table F14 & at table N-3/N-4; Adam even made a map for his table! adam & in some AMAZING news, both will have copies of Exit Generation issues #1, #2 & #3 to sell; Go, snap ’em up, my American friends!

But, wait; there’s more!

Floating away…

I’m incredibly grateful to Marissa for also arranging for the mega-wonderful Floating World Comics in Portland to also get hold of the first three issues of Exit Generation!

This means that if you can’t get along to Rose City this weekend, hit them up & they can sort you out!  Am not sure exactly when they’ll be in stock, but it’ll be mighty soon (if not already!), so get one pre-ordered if they’re not in just yet. fwc-e1390296184684 I’m so jazzed & humbled that Floating World would want to stock Exit Generation, so I hope my state-side pals make it worth their while, & turn it into a sell out for them!  Go, go, go! & speaking of where you can buy Exit Generation

North, Both West & East

My local branch of Travelling Man here in York has kindly stocked Exit Generation for a while now, but as of this moment, people can also find them at the Newcastle, Manchester & Leeds stores too! travellingman So, if you’ve perhaps been hearing about the book, but been unable to pop along to one of the stores that already stocks it, such as OK Comics (who still have copies, & for mail order too, so don’t miss out!), now you have the opportunity to get them at a shop local to you.  & I hope you all do!

I’m very grateful to Ben & CJ at the York branch for organising this, so if you see either of them; give ’em a high-five from yours truly!  😉

Ok… so I think we’re done for now. Don’t forget to head into all the comic stores mentioned, & along to the cons too, & get yourself some Exit Generation, then jump on Faecbook &/or Twitter & tell me about it! Till next time, folks!


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