Review: Exit Generation Issue 1

Travelling Man review ‘Exit Generation #1’!

And you can find issues #1-3 at all their stores now!

Travelling Man's Blog

Written by Sam Read

Art by Caio Oliveira

Colours by: Ruth Redmond

Letters and production by Colin Bell

Cover by Ramon Villalobos

Edited by Adam P. Knave

Downloadable for free from

In 2035, a generation long evacuation of the planet launched. The EXIT Project was designed to evacuate all of humanity to a new world. It went wrong before it even launched, with only 95% of the planet’s population able to fit aboard the ships. The other 5% were left behind. Jack’s mother, pregnant with him, was one of them. Jack’s father was aboard the ships.

The 5% watched in horror as a fault in the oxygen systems on all the ships wiped out everyone aboard. There was nothing they could do, no rescue possible. 95% of the planet’s population died due to a simple error.

20 years later, the Earth is a very different place. With almost all…

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