London Calling…

Thought Bubble was predictably excellent.  Thoroughly, completely & epoch-shatteringly EXCELLENT.

I met many wonderful, talented & inspiring people, & am so grateful to be able to call Thought Bubble my ‘local’ considering quite how astoundingly excellent it is every single year.

Yet, as is often the way, the subsequent return to ‘real’ life, coupled with some interesting threads leading from the that weekend meant the aftermath lingered, & has really only been cleared up now.  I think.  Possibly.

But enough of this long-winded excuse for not doing a proper report (sorry); on to more pressing matters!

Friends, Londoners; You Can Buy My Comics!

You heard CORRECT, good people of The Big Smoke; as of right NOW you have not just one but TWO excellent funny book slinging establishments stocked to the gills with Exit Generation #1, #2, #3 & #4!

Both the fantastic Gosh Comics & the brilliant Orbital Comics have been kind enough to place Exit Generation on their excellent shelves, so GO GO GO: snap ’em all up!


While you’re at it, make sure you check out some of the other top stuff each store has in stock, such as Gosh’s range of amazing exclusive book-plates, & get along to Orbital’s awesome Becky Cloonan signing next week, or one of the other great events both they & Gosh regularly put on.

But also don’t forget to grab some Exit Generation while you’re there!  & tell your friends too!  🙂

& hey; drop me a line on Twitter or the RF Comics Facebook if you do, as I love to hear what people think!

That’s it from me folks; back to the comic mines…

Till next time.



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Writer, primarily for comics ('Find' & 'Exit Generation' with ComixTribe). I blog about comics; my own, other peoples & all others in-between. Come say hello! View all posts by samuelread

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