FIND – Released worldwide next week!

It has felt a long time coming, but now…

FIND is out next week!!!

I can’t quite believe that it has crept up like this, & I’m really excited to see what everyone thinks of the book once it lands on comic shop shelves across the world!

If you’re not aware of what on earth I’m talking about, I’ll direct you to the dedicated page I set up for Find.  I hope you like what you see, & perhaps take a chance on it next week.


Several websites have been kind enough to put out advance reviews, & you can read them via the links provided below.  I will warn you; some of the reviews feature plot details, so had you wanted to go into the book entirely fresh, consider this your warning!

  • I sat down for a great (& spoiler-free!) chat about Find, my work, UK comics & everything in between with Ceej from Big Comics Page, & you can read it all HERE.
  • Brad over at Bag & Bored dropped the first review, & was really insightful; check it out HERE.
  • Mr Adam Cadmon also took a look over it for Comic Crusaders, & you can read his thoughts HERE.
  • & Steve Morris was kind enough to review it for his site The Spire just HERE.

I’m humbled that folks have taken the time to look over the book, & am delighted they all seemed to enjoy it, & found that it got them thinking.

There should be a few more reviews coming up as we near & hit release day, so I’ll keep the blog updated when they appear.

Also wanted to extend a BIG “thank you” to super-nice creators Ryan K. Lindsay, Owen Michael Johnson, Adam P. Knave & Si Spurrier, who all were kind enough to give Find an early read, say some really lovely things about it, & let me share what they said with everyone.

You’ll see a these blended with some images from the book below, & hope you all head out to check it out for yourselves once it lands next Wednesday, 28th January!

FB_FIND_1200x1200_1 FB_FIND_1200x1200_4 FB_FIND_1200x1200_3 FB_FIND_1200x1200_2


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