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TBubz, Awesome Comics & Sam Read Sells!

Hey folks!

Been a heck of a week & a half, so here’s an update…


First up; Thought Bubble was predictably brilliant – met many old & new friends, & had a complete blast.

Thank you to everyone who popped by & said “hi”; was great to see who I managed too!

While at the convention, I had the opportunity to be part of Nerdly’s ‘Pass-It-On’ intervies, which involved me (by proxy) getting to ask creators Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie of Wicked+Divine fame a question about sandwiches; check it out below (& thanks to Mark Allen for getting me involved).

Taking with Awesome Comics!

I also had the great pleasure to sit down for a good ol’ chin wag with the gents from the Awesome Comics Podcast team this week.

We covered topics from Exit Generation, to our shared love of 90s action films, & through to my deep appreciation of Tommy Lee-Jones’ portrayal of Two-Face in Batman Forever.  I’ve embedded it below, so hope you’ll give it a whirl!

Sam Read Sells!

After a few people have mentioned to me recently that they’ve struggle to get hold of my books, I’ve set up a new webstore called Sam Read Sells (yes; on brand, I know…) to help out.

There you can get hold of Find Exit Generation (both #1 & #2), as well as my new collection Shorts, & for a limited time I’m putting on a bit of a sale.

Right now you can get the first couple of issues of Exit Generation for just £2 each, plus postage, as well as Find & Shorts for £2.50 each, again with postage; so, head on over & snag yourself a bargain!

(& if digital comics are more your speed; head on over to my Comixology page right HERE)

Thanks for popping by folks; till next time!



Next weekend: Thought Bubble 2015!

It’s that most wonderful time of year again…

Thought Bubble!

Yes; next weekend (14/15 November) a whole bunch of amazing comic folks will be descending on the Royal Armouries in Leeds for two glorious days of fun… & once again I’ll be tagging along too!

This will be my third year exhibiting at the convention, & my first in the TB Marquee, which is an exciting new experience.

You’ll find me at table 64, & have put together a little map to help you seek me out…


Nice & close to the entrance, & also right along side several of my pals; it will all be excellent fun.

At Thought Bubble, I will of course have with me copies of Exit Generation #1 & #2, Find (including some signed by artist Alex Cormack; while stocks last), & a brand new comic called (*drumroll*)… Shorts!

SHORTS cover for blog

Shorts is a collection of four… well… short comics I’ve written across the last couple of years, which are either hard to find, or have never been in print before.  It includes;

It features a gorgeous cover from lead-slinger extraordinaire Ruairí Coleman, who will also be at Thought Bubble (& tabling right behind me!), so you can get him to sign it all nice too!

I also want to say an extra-big thank you to both Dee Cunniffe, for helping me put it all together, & Rich Hardiman at for the always swift & excellent service; both are kings of men, & you should hire Dee for all your colours, & Rich for all your comic printing!

This year, I’m also lucky enough to be a small part of the Thought Bubble Anthology from Image Comics, having worked with sensational art talent Abigail Harding & letter-lord Colin Bell on a piece called Across My Heart.


The anthology features some some of the best new & established talent out there, including several of my personal favourite writers & artists, so am completely honoured to share a publication with them.

It will be in shops this Wednesday, 11 November, so you can grab it before the show.  All profits go to the Barnardo’s Childen’s Charity, so I do hope you pick it up (& if you bring it over to Marquee Table 64 on Saturday or Sunday, I’ll happily scribble my name on it for you too)!

Well, I better get back to getting ready; hope to see you all at the weekend!

Exit For The Masses!

After a stonkingly successful weekend at Thought Bubble (full write-up later this week), it is now time to unleash Exit Generation #4 on the entire world!

Come & get me!

Come & get me!

Yes; as of this very moment, you can find Exit Generation #4 on sale in both physical & in digital format on the Read French webstore!

A PDF copy will set you back just a single UK pound (£1), while plush, physical copies go for three bob (£3) plus postage (domestic just £1; rest-of-the-world £4.50).  All the other issues of the series are also still available at the same rates.

So, if you didn’t get the chance to head down to the convention this past Saturday & Sunday, now you can grab up all the issue!

Also, if you are in the Leeds/West Yorkshire area; the brilliant OK Comics now has ALL FOUR issues of Exit Generation in stock, meaning you can get kitted out with the full set from them, either in store or via mail order.

Photographic evidence of Exit Generation 1-4 at OK Comics!

Photographic evidence of Exit Generation 1-4 at OK Comics!

& if neither the webstore or OK Comics are a possibility, don’t forget that the following locations also stock the earlier issues (#1-3);

Big Bang Comics (Dublin, Ireland), Gosh! Comics (London, UK), Nostalgia & Comics (Birmingham, UK), Excelsior Comics (Bristol, UK), all Travelling Man stores (Manchester, York, Leeds & Newcastle, UK) , Floating World (Portland, Oregon, USA)

I hope to expand the number of stores carrying Exit Generation in the near future, & if you are a retailer; please don’t hesitate to contact me about stocking the book!

On that note, I’ll leave you with a couple of beautiful pieces of Exit Generation art produced by the fantastic Steve Beaumont, who’d painted a sinister Chief Taster, & ruff-&-tuff Hanna.

Steve dropped these over the last few days & I was both surprised, delighted & utterly humbled; I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do, & go follow Steve on Twitter & tell him how excellent he is!

Just a light snack...

Just a light snack…

Think Scrap'll be having a word about the naughty word...

Think Scrap’ll be having a say about the naughty word…

As mentioned; Thought Bubble report very soon – watch this space!

Till then; take care!


Exit Generation #4 will debut at Thought Bubble 2014!


Yes!  You heard right!

After launching issue #1 at Thought Bubble 2013, the series comes to its SHOCKING conclusion at this year’s event!

Both Harry French & me (the FULL RF Comics roster, yo) will be in attendance, at Table 99, New Dock Hall.

We’ve got a Facebook event set up, so for more details on what books we’ll have with us, special offers & more, give it a click.

&, hey; I made map!


No excuses for missing us now!  😉

I’ll be posing more details here & on the Facebook group, so keep them peeled!


Announcing… ‘Find’!

Hey there folks!

You may recall that back in May I teased a new project.

Well, now I’m delighted to finally announce …

'Find' #1 cover

With art from the profoundly talented Alex Cormack (Future Proof, I Play The Bad Guy) & letters by Tyler James (The Red Ten, Epic), Find is my own writing début in direct market comics.

Published by the excellent Comixtribe, home to great titles such as Scam, Oxymoron & current horror sensation And Then Emily Was Gone, Find will be hitting stores in January 2015, & you can head out & pre-order it now from your lovely local comic book shop using Diamond code NOV141188.

Telling the story of a young boy who finds a strange, otherworldly object one night & embarks on an incredible adventure, Find is a all-ages one-shot in the tradition of 80s/90s ‘coming-of-age films’, & an ode to the boundary-defeating power of comics.

Whether this is the first time you’ve encountered Alex’s or my own work, or if you’ve already enjoyed the likes of Exit Generation, Future Proof or the many quality titles Comixtribe put out, I really hope you like the look of Find, & will consider pre-ordering the book from your local comic book shop.

& to help you do just that, Alex & Tyler have put together the natty pre-order handbill below (click on the picture for a larger, print-friendly image)!

Print me!

To make sure you don’t miss out, print the above image, & either take it to your regular comic shop or find one near you via this link, & have them order in your very own copy (or copies, if you fancy) of Find!

You can even email them the image (it saves trees & shows off you’re good with computers…),  & please don’t hesitate to share it with your friends, either; they’d want to know!

But in all seriousness; with books such as ours, pre-ordering really is very important.

Alex, Tyler, the guys at Comixtribe & myself have put a lot into Find, & I’m really proud of what we’ve put together.  However, unlike those books featuring characters such as Batman or Spider-Man, or even those established independent titles like Walking Dead, ours isn’t a comics retailers will likely be looking out for in their catalogues, so for them to take a chance on us they need you to let them know you want them to order it in.

So everyone involved would be really, really grateful if you would be so kind as to support us & pre-order; it’s the BEST way to back new comics, & we’d be humbled & grateful.

I’ll be making loads & loads of noise about this over the coming weeks, but you can catch all the relevant details on a special page I’ve set up on the site HERE once new blog posts overtake this one.

Oh, & one last thing; Find will also feature an exclusive pin-up by Iain Laurie & Megan Wilson, art team for the magnificent And Then Emily Was Gone, the trade paperback of also hits stores in January 2015 (Diamond Order Code NOV141187), so make it a Comixtribe double, & snap that up too!

Lots of news in the build up to Thought Bubble 2014 coming up from me over the next week, so keep checking back (maybe we’ll even have some Exit Generation #4 news; you never know…).

But until then; get pre-ordering Find, you lovely people!  😉

The (not really that) Late Show

Hey all!

Post-Game Analysis…

It’s been a couple of weeks now since I took Exit Generation #1 to Thought Bubble, & right now it feels like the convention was both a long time ago & only yesterday!

Having been BusyBusyBusy (all Bs in capitals for good reason) since that weekend I’ve not had an opportunity to report on how things went, &  looking back I’m pretty pleased.

Over the two days 70 amazing people (I know, I don’t believe it either) picked up a copy of ‘Exit Generation #1‘, & I cannot stress how grateful I am to each & every one who did.  

My tablemates John, Harry & Colin were an absolute riot to hang out with, & it was a total pleasure to get to spend time around such brilliant, talented & enthusiastic fellow comics people.  I cannot wait to for the chance to do it all again at another event with these guys!

Messrs French (centre, reppin') & Lees (right, distracted) in front of our Thought Bubble table.

Messrs French (centre, reppin’) & Lees (right, distracted) in front of our Thought Bubble table.

I was also lucky enough to meet a bunch of great pros & fellow aspirant creators at the event.

Finally met internet acquaintance Chris Lewis, the mad-talented writer of the upcoming ‘Mixmancer‘ & the awesome ‘Drones‘, of which I am a lucky owner of a delicious variant cover edition, with art courtesy of the oft-mentioned round these parts Ramon Villalobos (check it out here).  You really should be taking a look at Chris’ work, as he’s going to be writing all your favourite comics in the near future, so I recommend getting in at the ground floor.

Another crazy-talented gent I was very lucky to meet up with once again was the indomitable Iain Laurie.  Artist on a slew of incredible (& often terrifying) indie comics, including his own ‘Horror Mountain‘ (recently rendered in brain-melting digital fashion here), Iain’s current project is with my good friend John Lees on the Scottish-set supernatural thriller ‘And Then Emily Was Gone‘.

Iain’s is a unique & bewitching style, & at Thought Bubble he was kind enough to sketch Jack from ‘Exit Generation’, so I hope you all enjoy what is the first piece of ‘fan art’ for the book (I know I do)!

The dedication refers to an 'incident' both Iain & I have sworn to never speak of again...

The dedication refers to an ‘incident’ both Iain & I have sworn to never speak of again…

Plus, if any artists out there had fancied chancing their arm at sketching Mo, Jack, Ruleians… heck, anything from ‘Exit Generation’; go for it!  I know everyone on the team would love to see it!

But just as one opportunity to shill my comic in the West Yorkshire vicinity passes, another arrives…

*Insert Amusing Christmas-related Title*

Now, unlike those office ones that end up with people getting fired for photocopying … erm … ‘themselves’ & pinning it to the boss’ door, the Christmas bash at my esteemed place of employment (the magnificent OK Comics of Leeds) is a less lascivious, yet twice as nice affair, & the best part is you are ALL invited!

Ok Comics Xmas

Yes, this coming Thursday evening (12th December) OK Comics, along with the other fantastic independent retailers of Thornton’s Arcade, Leeds, are opening late, laying on entertainment & food, & giving customers some special one-night-only offers, with the festive fun running from 5pm till 8pm.  I’ll be there with copies of ‘Exit Generation#1‘ & a big smile on my face , & that ladies & gents is a Christmas guarantee!

Also in attendance will be author of the fantastic ‘Science Tales‘ & ‘Psychiatric TalesDarryl Cunningham ,who will be signing his new book ‘Uncle Bob Adventures‘, as will artist James McKay who as well as currently drawing the excellent Pat Mills’ scripted ‘Flesh‘ in the pages of 2000AD Prog, is one of the minds behind Leeds University’s graphic novel ‘Dream of a Low Carbon Future‘, which he’ll be distributing at the event.

You can check out all the details as they emerge, & holla that you’ll be heading down on the Facebook Event Page & follow the updates from OK’s Twitter too.  It should be a really great event.

Well, that’s me off now, but I hope to see some of you down at OK Comics on Thursday!  I’ll be posting an update following the event (& not waiting two weeks like with Thought Bubble, promise…), so hope you’ll head back here at the close of the week, as I should have a little more news to share…

Until next time, take care!


Launching in T-Minus 36 Hours! And… CHEAP COMICS

Hey everyone!

Wow; it has been a BUSY week.

Yes, Thought Bubble 2013 is less than 36 hours away, & everything is falling into place for the launch of ‘Exit Generation’.   

Today, the boxes of comics finally landed on my doorstep (printed by the brilliant Stuart Gould of UK Comics Creative)  & I’m not afraid to admit; I was a little overwhelmed. *sniff*

But as I put together my stuff to take to Leeds, & I wanted to make one last announcement …

See, a little while ago I heard a guy called Sam Humphries (writer of ‘Sacrifice’ & ‘Uncanny X-Force’)  talking about making indie comics.  He said the following;


This made a BIG impression on me, & working in a comic shop it also made a lot of sense;  No one gives gold stars for effort; they want value & some quality for their money.

I was reminded of this quote other day while reading a blog post by Nev Coleman.  He coined the term ‘The Netflix Test’, making the point that (for good or for ill) indie creators must recognise they compete with mainstream entertainment sources, when it comes to asking for people’s hard earned cash.  Got have a read, it’s really interesting.

So… in the spirit of ‘practising what you preach‘ for the Saturday & Sunday of Though Bubble ONLY

Exit Generation #1 will be just £2 a copy

Yep, that’s right FOR THOUGHT BUBBLE ONLY you can get hold of the first issue of the series for less than a cup of (decent) coffee!


I’ll be at Table 2, Royal Armouries Hall (see map below), alongside my pals John Lees, Harry FrenchColin Bell, who all have awesome books debuting, & John has put together a great run down of what will be available on his blog, which you can find HERE.


Make sure you come down & say hi!

You can still see the preview HERE, & below I’ve linked to the sites & podcasts who’ve been kind enough to talk about ‘Exit Generation’ over the last two weeks.

– Ceej at The Big Comic Page said “This is one that’s well worth getting your hands on” in his review.

– The Beat incluided Exit Generation on its list of recommended books at Thought Bubble.

– G-Man at Comic Anonymous called the first issue a “stellar opener” in his review.

– Multiversity both previewed the issue & reviewed the book, saying it had a “genuinely unique premise“.

– Geek Syndicate featured Exit Generation in its countdown to Thought Bubble.

– Andy over at Geek Pride put together an insightful preview piece.

– Rob at Inter-Comics blog said Exit Generation has “a lot of promise” & was kind enough to do a short interview with me.

– Mike from the brilliant ‘Give Me Comics or Give Me Death‘ pod reviewed the first issue on their latest show, mentioning he enjoyed it & will be picking up the next one!

Check ’em out!

Well, that’s me; back to getting ready for the con.

See you in Leeds!