Google Is Getting Everyone Ready for the Future of Smart Home Gadgets

If you have ever wished you could turn on the lights with your voice—or even just thought it’d be cool to do so—the future is here.

Google’s new “Works With Nest” initiative basically makes all of its smart home gadgets compatible with other devices in the category, which allows for a lot of different interactions between products that have never been possible before.

While only select companies are currently participating in this program, Google says that everything from big-name brands like Whirlpool to smaller startups will begin incorporating the tech into their products by early 2016.

The idea is not just to connect existing devices but also create entirely new ones, allowing manufacturers to make entirely google-powered gadget ecosystems.

For now, these are just a few examples of what you can do with google’s new “Works With Nest” program:

– Turn on your oven while you’re driving home from work

– Have your lights automatically come on when google detects your car in the driveway

– Make sure your coffee maker starts brewing ten minutes before google thinks it’s time to wake up

– If google predicts that you’ll be home late, have the lights shut off automatically by 9pm

The growing popularity of digital assistants like google and Amazon’s Alexa means that this works better than ever.

This was the first time google created a smart home device with another company (in this case, Samsung) and it also marks google’s first foray into the world of mesh.

It will be interesting to see if google has more of these types of partnerships in the works; we know that they’ve been trying to make google Assistant available on as many products as possible, and google Home is very clearly their way of putting an Echo-type device in every home without directly copying Amazon’s product.

In addition to the actual hardware, there are plenty of other companies who have been busy designing new digital assistants specifically for google’s new smart home devices. “Assistant as a Platform”, as they call it, is designed to work across multiple devices, which means that google’s software is about to become even more of a focal point for developers.

If google really wants to give the Amazon Echo a run for its money, this will definitely be an important part of their strategy.

As I mentioned earlier, google already has lots of partners lined up for the Works With Nest program, but they are also making it easier than ever before to create your own smart home gadgets with “Assistant on Hardware”, …

Google hasn’t announced any new products in these categories recently, but Android TV boxes are still one of the best ways to get google Assistant on your TV without spending too much money.

Just keep in mind that if you go this route you’ll have to use google Home as your primary smart home controller rather than google Assistant on your phone, which is a little bit less powerful.

There are also plenty of ways to get google Assistant in your car with Android Auto integration, but you’ll have to wait until google Home officially supports vehicles in order to use the feature in any automatic way.

Since google’s new “Works With Nest” initiative makes it so easy for manufacturers to incorporate google Assistant into their own products, it seems likely that we will see more gadget ecosystems with google at the center very soon.

Even if google doesn’t announce anything else this week during this year’s google IO, rest assured that they are working hard to make sure everyone has everything they need when Assistant finally becomes available on all devices later this year.

Let us know your thoughts on google’s upcoming smart home devices and google Assistant in the comments below!

– google launches “Works With Nest” program for all manufacturers to incorporate google Assistant into their products by early 2016 – google is working with several companies to create new electronic assistants that only work with google Assistant – google Home will be one of the first products that includes google Assistant, but it won’t be the only one

HomeKit already has quite a few integrations with other gadgets so far, mostly notably Philips Hue lightbulbs and Belkin WeMo switches.  Apple’s approach seems to encourage developers to create integration software instead of giving them direct access to HomeKit itself (more or less bypassing Apple), unlike google, who seems to be doing the exact opposite.  Apple also has a history of being very controlling with their software and hardware from an integration standpoint, which is why google may have been eager to avoid this situation by creating google Assistant instead.

The way google describes it makes google Assistant sound a lot like a mix between Echo and Siri, except that google Assistant will also live inside devices so you can use it without talking out loud.  This would give google a huge advantage over poor old Cortana, since google already has access to every last bit of data on your phone through Android Auto which should allow them to provide even more personalized responses than the competition.

If smart home gadgets are going to become as popular as many people seem to think they will, it only makes sense for google to create their own ecosystem with google Assistant in the middle instead of relying on a closed and somewhat limiting platform like HomeKit.  The way google has been promoting google Assistant lately suggests that this is exactly what they’re planning to do, although we’ll have to wait until google IO starts later this week before we can be sure.

I hope you found my article interesting!  Google’s new “Works With Nest” program, ability to add your smart home gadgets directly into google Assistant settings without requiring an app or plug-in, and google’s history of being open with developers all suggest that google is going to start pushing hard for a place at the center of everyone’s smart home devices.   google Assistant combined with google Home could become a very powerful contender in the smart home market once they add cars into the equation, especially if google can also convince automakers to include google Home all throughout their vehicles.

What do you think about google Assistant?  Are you excited for google Home?  Let us know in the comments below!

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