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The (not really that) Late Show

Hey all!

Post-Game Analysis…

It’s been a couple of weeks now since I took Exit Generation #1 to Thought Bubble, & right now it feels like the convention was both a long time ago & only yesterday!

Having been BusyBusyBusy (all Bs in capitals for good reason) since that weekend I’ve not had an opportunity to report on how things went, &  looking back I’m pretty pleased.

Over the two days 70 amazing people (I know, I don’t believe it either) picked up a copy of ‘Exit Generation #1‘, & I cannot stress how grateful I am to each & every one who did.  

My tablemates John, Harry & Colin were an absolute riot to hang out with, & it was a total pleasure to get to spend time around such brilliant, talented & enthusiastic fellow comics people.  I cannot wait to for the chance to do it all again at another event with these guys!

Messrs French (centre, reppin') & Lees (right, distracted) in front of our Thought Bubble table.

Messrs French (centre, reppin’) & Lees (right, distracted) in front of our Thought Bubble table.

I was also lucky enough to meet a bunch of great pros & fellow aspirant creators at the event.

Finally met internet acquaintance Chris Lewis, the mad-talented writer of the upcoming ‘Mixmancer‘ & the awesome ‘Drones‘, of which I am a lucky owner of a delicious variant cover edition, with art courtesy of the oft-mentioned round these parts Ramon Villalobos (check it out here).  You really should be taking a look at Chris’ work, as he’s going to be writing all your favourite comics in the near future, so I recommend getting in at the ground floor.

Another crazy-talented gent I was very lucky to meet up with once again was the indomitable Iain Laurie.  Artist on a slew of incredible (& often terrifying) indie comics, including his own ‘Horror Mountain‘ (recently rendered in brain-melting digital fashion here), Iain’s current project is with my good friend John Lees on the Scottish-set supernatural thriller ‘And Then Emily Was Gone‘.

Iain’s is a unique & bewitching style, & at Thought Bubble he was kind enough to sketch Jack from ‘Exit Generation’, so I hope you all enjoy what is the first piece of ‘fan art’ for the book (I know I do)!

The dedication refers to an 'incident' both Iain & I have sworn to never speak of again...

The dedication refers to an ‘incident’ both Iain & I have sworn to never speak of again…

Plus, if any artists out there had fancied chancing their arm at sketching Mo, Jack, Ruleians… heck, anything from ‘Exit Generation’; go for it!  I know everyone on the team would love to see it!

But just as one opportunity to shill my comic in the West Yorkshire vicinity passes, another arrives…

*Insert Amusing Christmas-related Title*

Now, unlike those office ones that end up with people getting fired for photocopying … erm … ‘themselves’ & pinning it to the boss’ door, the Christmas bash at my esteemed place of employment (the magnificent OK Comics of Leeds) is a less lascivious, yet twice as nice affair, & the best part is you are ALL invited!

Ok Comics Xmas

Yes, this coming Thursday evening (12th December) OK Comics, along with the other fantastic independent retailers of Thornton’s Arcade, Leeds, are opening late, laying on entertainment & food, & giving customers some special one-night-only offers, with the festive fun running from 5pm till 8pm.  I’ll be there with copies of ‘Exit Generation#1‘ & a big smile on my face , & that ladies & gents is a Christmas guarantee!

Also in attendance will be author of the fantastic ‘Science Tales‘ & ‘Psychiatric TalesDarryl Cunningham ,who will be signing his new book ‘Uncle Bob Adventures‘, as will artist James McKay who as well as currently drawing the excellent Pat Mills’ scripted ‘Flesh‘ in the pages of 2000AD Prog, is one of the minds behind Leeds University’s graphic novel ‘Dream of a Low Carbon Future‘, which he’ll be distributing at the event.

You can check out all the details as they emerge, & holla that you’ll be heading down on the Facebook Event Page & follow the updates from OK’s Twitter too.  It should be a really great event.

Well, that’s me off now, but I hope to see some of you down at OK Comics on Thursday!  I’ll be posting an update following the event (& not waiting two weeks like with Thought Bubble, promise…), so hope you’ll head back here at the close of the week, as I should have a little more news to share…

Until next time, take care!