The Role of Graphic Design in Branding

Graphic design is a powerful tool when it comes to branding your company. It creates a sense of identity and helps you stand out from the competition.

Some companies might not think they need a graphic designer to help their brand, but in fact, visual representation goes well beyond just logos or advertisements. Graphic design can be used for just about any aspect of branding including website images, digital ads, social media graphics and email blasts. In this post we’re going to go over why you should hire a graphic designer for your company’s branding strategy and what you should expect from them so that your brand will have maximum impact on customers or clients consistently.

Five Reasons You Should Hire a Graphic Designer for Your Company’s Branding Strategy

It’s important to have a cohesive brand that resonates with your customer. If you already have an established product or company, chances are you already know what kind of look and feel it should embody. Your graphic designer will help fill in the gaps on what isn’t communicated by your existing brand so they can achieve consistency throughout all aspects of marketing collateral including ads, social media posts, website images etc.

It would be difficult (and expensive) for you to hire multiple designers to do this work for every piece you create because each person would interpret things differently. Therefore, hiring one professional is more cost-effective and ensures that the same message is sent every time. This contributes to having a strong image that you can stand behind as opposed to amateurs who might not be as conscious of what you are trying to convey with your brand.

Your graphic designer is skilled at communicating through colors, fonts and imagery. They have worked with many different business owners before so they are also familiar with the language that each industry uses when they communicate which will help them choose appropriate artwork for your company.

You can think of this as having a secret inside connection with many clients in the same industry. However, remember that being familiar only goes so far—you still need to establish clear guidelines on your brand’s image so they aren’t overwhelmed by how ‘familiar’ they might feel working on your project or else it won’t turn out well or may even take much longer than necessary because they’re constantly second-guessing what you might want. It’s important to remember that this is not their brand, it’s yours.

This means they need to know exactly what you want and the best way to do this is with a strong brand image as discussed in point #2 above. They should be able to create graphics for almost any type of collateral including social media images, blog posts and general product images (i.e., if you’re an ecommerce business). They will use the information you provide them (i.e., logos and color scheme) and then give you options for how those elements could be represented visually through illustrations or typography etc. It can also help to familiarize yourself with some graphic design basics so that next time your company needs new images you can do it yourself or at least have a better idea of what you should be looking for when it comes to hiring someone.

Your graphic designer is in the best position to explain why your brand should be represented in a certain way and not in another so let them take the lead in this regard and only provide input when they ask for it. Graphic designers use different programs and tools in order to create marketing materials.

Depending on what service level you choose, you could get all kinds of file formats including JPEGs, PNGs, vector images etc. You should always consult with the graphic design company before they start any work since there may be additional fees associated with getting some files that you need (i.e., converting an image to black & white which is different than grayscale). You can download templates and graphics from sites like Graphic River and then hire someone to edit the images for your company.

The benefit of this approach is that you’ll get both high quality finished files and a unique design that still embodies the style and image you want to be conveyed by your brand. If you’ve already decided on a designer but they don’t have any previous work in your industry, ask for examples of their other clients instead. Even if it’s not directly related to what you need done, seeing how they communicate through images can help give you insight into whether or not they’d be a good fit for your business.


Website – As per a survey by Adobe, 39% of people stated they would like to engage with a website if it is beautifully designed than something plain.

App – In today’s world, apps are a must for every business. From online shops to booking cabs, everything is done via an app. So whether you want a brand new application or to modify the existing one for your business, these UI/UX designers can help you do that.

Banner ads

– A flashy banner ad on the top of a page with attractive graphics grabs more eyeballs than text-based ads showcased in between content area. Android and iOS apps need attention grabbing advertisements too. The best graphic designers aim at delivering effective advertisement campaigns for different products and services so that it attracts people much like them.

Covers for Magazines

– The cover of a magazine is one of the most important & well designed pages in all magazines. It has to be unique, creative and impressive enough to attract readers’ attention. Good quality graphic designers are responsible for making these well-designed covers that make people stop at kiosks.

Covers for books – A good book cover design plays an important role when it comes to deciding whether to buy a book or not. This is why publishers strive hard in finding an apt designer who can create interesting but yet useful covers which help them sell their books effectively in markets without any issues.

Designing Brochures / Flyers

– Brochure designs are often given importance because offline businesses mostly prefer printed brochures to online marketing strategies. Companies spend a lot of time and money in coming up with the best brochure design for their business that reflects professionalism, company’s philosophy and its offerings appropriately.

Designing Business Cards

– The quality of paper along with the designing on your card can attract people towards you or push them away if it is not effective enough. Graphic designers are responsible for helping companies choose the right type of card stock, print finish, color combinations among others so that they can deliver high-quality business cards which reflect the nature of their business well.

Designing Newsletters

– For both small & large scale businesses, newsletters play an important role when it comes to reaching out to customers or publicizing. Graphic designers hold complete responsibility when it comes to creating beautiful newsletters with eye-catching images. They are also responsible for designing emails that are easy to read & sign off.

Graphic Designing of Logo – A logo is the face of your business. It has to give a clear idea about what you do, company’s value or its services among others things. Graphic designers help in coming up with new creative ideas for logos which can be used by companies everywhere they wish without any issues. With this in mind, graphic designers put their best foot forward while coming up with interesting yet effective designs for logos so that it appeals clients at first glance itself.

Designing Packaging Designs

– Packaging plays an important role when it comes to buying directly from shelves. This is why companies spend a lot of time and money in coming up with designs that can be used on packaging. Graphic designers not only ensure but also help companies choose the right color combination, fonts, layout of a product which will work efficiently for them while at the same time reflect their company’s philosophy effectively.

Designing Posters

– Creating awareness about an event or selling a particular product is easier if you have eye-catching posters designed for you. Fashion brands use posters to publicize latest arrivals while restaurants prefer designing catchy ones to get more customers inside their premises. This is why graphic designers put across various creative ideas so that it keeps readers interested from beginning till the end itself while getting the message across easily at the same time.

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