What does YKYK mean in text?

YKYK stands for “You Know You Knew” and it is a term that can be used to express something one knows, whether it be about themselves, another person, or even an object. It’s like saying ‘If you know you know (a certain thing)’ such as if someone knows they know, they would know that someone else is going through a rough time.

In terms of YKYK being used in the text, there isn’t a specific format that one has to follow when typing it or saying it because it is mainly just slanged and not an acronym. However, when using this term in text with friends

What is the hashtag Iykyk mean?

#iYKYK is short for “if you know you know,” i.e. if you knew what I meant, then you would understand. It’s used to signify that someone else knows what’s up with the topic at hand without having to go into too much detail about it. It c used as a hashtag or part of a longer statement, such as #iykyk if you know what I mean.


How do you say you don’t know?

You don’t know. And if you say “you ky,” then I’m going to assume that you’re using it as a typo and not an actual phrase and probably ignore your answer following this. If you are asking what the acronym YKYK means, then it would mean “if you know you know” or “if you know it’s so.” Save

What does it mean? Meanings for ily What is the meaning of the wordily? Answers What does it mean if someone says ILY to you? There are several potential meanings. They run from “I love you” over to “Hey, doofus,


Is As you are aware rude?

You know you know means I understand how important this moment in time is to me. Also known as If you know, you know so it’s not rude


YKYK FYEO is if you know yee, don’t need explanation. It could also mean yes please or you’re welcome

YKYK FYEO is not rude. It means if you know, don’t need an explanation. It could also mean yes please or you’re welcome. 🙂

That’s it really lol 🙂

Ykyk Fyeo is not rude. it means if you know then you don’t need an explanation,


What is the root cause of disappointment?

Expectations are often aroused because someone does not do what he agreed to do. We are disappointed because others do not behave as we expected them to behave. We set up our standards of behavior because we want to be treated well. We are disappointed when others behave badly toward us or do not stick to the agreements they have made with us.

When you think about it, disappointment can come from two sources either being inside you or outside you. It is part of human nature to set goals for yourself and then expect things will pan out as planned. You work hard towards your goals, but after a while, if success doesn’t happen, you become disappointed. If this happens frequently, failure becomes the only thing that works for you; it becomes your comfort zone, a safe place where nothing can shake you anymore.

If You Know, You Know

What about expectations that push through the boundaries of people’s lives? There are many areas where you can be disappointed if your expectations are not met. For example, you expect all the people who love you to accept, appreciate and adore everything about you. This makes them feel too much pressure from expectations that they cannot meet 100% of the time. If those persons were meant to worship you for a lifetime, no one would ever grow old or die.

Unmet expectations push other people away from us because we become constantly disappointed by their behavior towards us. They don’t want to put up with our demands anymore, so they shouldn’t try again but maintain a distance—to protect themselves from being constantly disappointed by our high standards.

If disappointment happens often enough, it becomes a habit that becomes hard to break. The result is we find it difficult to enjoy life and all its joys because we keep comparing the real with our expectations of how things should be.

Where IYKYK Comes From

You cannot control what goes on outside but only your attitude toward what happens to you. You can choose not to compare yourself or your accomplishments with those of others because there will always be someone better than you at something. When you stop expecting people to behave as expected, they might respond more positively towards you, especially if all their other efforts were not appreciated before.

We need to understand that an unmet expectation does not mean a complete failure or uselessness in every other aspect of life; we just need to do away with high standards and start expecting things to come at their own time and pace. This way you will save yourself from the stress of expectation and finally be able to enjoy your work, relationships, and life in general without feeling constantly disappointed by what is happening around you.

Instead of expecting others to behave as we expect them to, let’s just try to do our best always and see how it works out on its own or does not work out on its own—without our constant interference. [ARTICLE END]


What does disappointment lead to?

Disappointment can lead to a variety of physical and emotional symptoms. It can even lead to chronic stress if we’re very disappointed for long periods.

Disappointment can lead to the following health problems: headaches, stomach problems, and over-perspiration. It can turn into chronic stress if we’re disappointed for long periods.

Disappointment is linked to the experience of physical and emotional symptoms such as headache, stomach problems, and over-perspiration while also exacerbating existing chronic conditions like high blood pressure. Psychologists suggest that while disappointment may seem harmless enough on its own, it should be regarded as a risk factor for chronic stress when it becomes

What is disappointment?

The dictionary defines it as the feeling or state of being let down or deceived by someone’s action, statement, etc. Disappointed people sometimes say they feel “let down” by a person, group, government agency, company, situation, etc. They might also be angry or hurt because of their disappointment – they often have a sense that the world has let them down. Sometimes they believe that there is nothing good in their life anymore and things will never change. Being disappointed also increases the risk of physical and emotional difficulties.

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